+ What is Kalamansee?

Struggle with figuring out how many points you have and which rewards you could redeem on the different memberships and loyalty cards that clutter up your wallet?

Well Kalamansee is a digital wallet where you can store all your loyalty cards from different vendors / shops. It allows you easy access to earn, view and redeem your loyalty rewards. At the same time it offers you a fun way to share personal gifts with your close friends. Loyalty has never been easier.

+ Why use my own name instead of an alias or a nickname when registering Kalamansee?

We like to keep the Kalamansee app a personal and social experience. We believe that your friends are more likely to enjoy the gifts you're sharing with them if they know who is sending them.. That's why we would suggest you to use your real name instead of a username or alias. You can easily change your name in the menu section, under "profile" at the top right hand corner of the app.

+ Why does the Kalamansee app need access to my address book?

In order to send gifts to friends, Kalamansee imports your address book into the app for easy use. Kalamansee has no access to this information.

+ Why does the Kalamansee app need access to my camera?

The Kalamansee app needs access to your camera in order for you to add a profile picture. You can either take a picture directly or browse through your album. Furthermore, camera access is also required to report any problem or issue you might have when using the app. We keep your information private and confidential (also read: "I did not receive my loyalty points for a purchase").

+ Why did I not receive my own gift?

The simple rule of the game is: just share the gift with 3 friends to receive your own. Once successfully shared, you will immediately receive your own gift (which you will find in the REDEEM section. In case you have not shared the gift within 24 hours with 3 friends, the gift expires and will be removed from your “give” list.

(also read the question below)

+ Can I redeem multiple gifts at the same time?

Every vendor has the discretion to put restrictions on the redemption of gifts. You will find these on the gifts under “conditions”.

+ How can a friend who doesn’t have the app yet receive my gift?

If you are sending a gift to a friend who is currently not a Kalamansee user, that friend will receive an SMS free of charge.

The SMS will inform your friend that you have visited that particular vendor from whom you are sending the gift from.

The message will inform your friend that you would like to share a gift with them. The SMS message contains a quick link to the iTunes or Google Play store to download the Kalamansee app. Once downloaded and registered your friend will find the gift in the “Redeem section”.

+ Can I recommend new vendors I use to Kalamansee?

We welcome your input and feedback in expanding our network of vendors. We are currently working on a reward system for you to introduce any of the vendors that you frequently visit.

That is why we’re coming up with an easy and rewarding solution to thank you!

+ I did not receive my loyalty points for a purchase.

Each vendor sets his own rules and conditions on the awarding of loyalty points. Kalamansee has no control over these conditions.

The conditions on awarding loyalty points for each vendor can be found in the “Conditions” link in the “Wallet” section for each vendor. If you believe the issue to be a technical problem, you can use the “Contact us” button in the menu section at the top right hand corner of the screen.

Please add a picture of the bill and the name of vendor in your message and we will follow up with you as soon as possible. Please note: The vendor always makes the final decision.

+ Rating and reviews.

When you are ready to “check out” at a vendor, you are asked to provide a star rating and an optional review for that particular vendor. This allows Kalamansee to calculate an average ranking based on all customer’s experiences.

You are required to give a “star rating”, but writing “a review” is entirely up to you. (Please note that: once you have finished the check out and you have received your “loyalty points”, you cannot amend the “star rating” any longer.)

However, in case you have not written a review yet, you will have the option to do this later. (Please note that: once a review has been published it cannot be amended.).

Kalamansee reserves the right to delete any comments containing inappropriate or offensive language, behavior and/or reviews. Repeated postings of such nature might result in cancellation of your access to the Kalamansee app.

Be honest about your experiences and remain respectful and polite at all times.

+ I want to share a gift with more than 3 friends. Can I do that?

We encourage you to share with only 3 friends, who will really appreciate your gift, to earn your own gifts. We strongly believe that when it comes to sharing with close friends “less is more”.

+ I want to report a bug/issue with the app. Who do I need to contact?

Although we strive to be perfect, technology has occasionally a mind of its own.

In the unlikely event of something going wrong, we want to know about it and promise to address any issues immediately. You can report any problems you encounter, by using the “Contact us” function in the menu section at the top right hand corner of the Kalamansee home screen.

+ I am not happy with my gift. Who can I report to?

Each Vendor decides independently the kind of gifts he distributes. If the gift is not to your liking, the easiest is to delete it (swipe left on the gift and you can delete it).

You can always inform the vendor about it, we believe that “knowledge is power” when you share your feelings about the gift with the vendor it allows him to “do better” ultimately benefiting you again. So don’t be shy and tell them.

+ I want to report a regretful experience with a particular vendor. Who do I contact?

If you feel your experience with a particular vendor has not been up to your expectations, the best person to share this with is the actual “vendor”.

Nobody is perfect and we can all improve, giving feedback to vendors is crucial as it allows them to learn and improve. If you feel that the vendor has not delivered on his promise or in other way has treated you unfairly, we at Kalamansee want to hear about it.

We will do our best to mediate between you and the vendor, but please note that the ultimate decision always lies with the vendor.

+ Does using this app cost me anything?

The use of the Kalamansee app is free of charge, we want you to enjoy and share with your friends without having to worry about costs.

+ How do I use my points?

In the “Wallet” section you will find all your loyalty cards/ vendors and the points you currently hold with them.

To redeem your points, simply visit the vendor and when you pay - select the reward you want and click redeem. This will bring you to the “check-out” procedure, follow the instructions and all is done.

Easy as pie…

+ Can I exchange my points for other rewards or cash?

Each vendor decides on the kind of rewards you can get for your points. Rewards can’t be exchanged for cash or other gifts.

+ Can I share points with other people?

At this moment we can’t offer that feature yet. “Rome wasn’t built in a day” but we are working continuously at adding more features, so keep an eye out for it.

+ I accidentally redeemed my points, how do I get them back?

We recommend you to approach the vendor and check with him. Each vendor decides independently the conditions of redemption.