+ Does my customer have to download the app to be on my loyalty plan?

Yes, in order for your clients to be able to access the platform, they must download the app. The technology behind is Kalamansee’s core function - and it is this technology that operates to help you retain and acquire customers, through promotions and “gift sharing”.

+ What would the cost of giving gifts with no guarantee of return cost me?

There is no such thing as “no guarantee of return”. Indeed, Kalamansee allows you to setup your own Terms & conditions for the gift to be made available. For example: Receiving a free glass of Champagne, might require the customer to spend $400 or above.

By creating a high value perception gift, your customer will see it as a unique offer which "can't be missed". The actual cost to you the vendor is the net purchase cost of the product or service you offer.

This is what we mean with the “sweet spot” where both vendors and customers can find value, and it is all on a pay-as-you-earn basis: this means if gifts are shared, and customers do not redeem them, we do not require payment for the sending.

Only when you get spending customers to your shop, do you pay a small fixed fee to Kalamansee.

+ If I sign up , how many more customers will Kalamansee bring us?

Kalamansee allows you to manage your existing customer base efficiently, and grow it through targeted promotions. We are not a referencing website and it is based on your customers, that we reach out to their networks, driving the right clientele to your shop.

We incentivize your regular customers to share their experience with their friends, through gift sharing. The uniqueness of this approach is that your customer does your targeting for you, and selects profiles matching your business. Once that cycle is achieved, the then new customer becomes regular, and the cycle is repeated driving unlimited results to your business.

+ Can other vendors see my customer details, campaigns and loyalty?

No other vendor can see your customers, campaigns and loyalty rewards. Only your clients, after visiting your shop can receive the gift or reward for the campaign you setup.

Your customer data is also safe from being shared with any other vendor. This means we operate in a way that we put each vendor under its own umbrella, which we grow and nurture through their clients’ network.

+ Who has access to my shop data and customers?

All the data sits on your web platform, Kalamansee processes the data in order to generate the analytics to be viewed only by you, in your portal. The information is strictly confidential and is not used, nor sold to any third party. In the case a user is a customer of 2 or more shops, each shop only can see analytics related to their own umbrella.

+ When and how do I pay?

Payment is made easy through autopay. Once enrolled, we setup a document for you to bring to the bank. You then receive a clear and concise invoice on your vendor platform. As the whole invoicing system is automated, "human error" is excluded. Only the gifts or rewards your customers have redeemed at your shop are being charged. The detail of date, user & campaign is displayed for each redemption. It is only when you validate a transaction, that the amount added to your bill and deducted through autopay. Any unlikely issue can be resolved directly with us, we are here to serve you.

+ What happens when there is a discussion with a customer?

In case of dispute with a customer, always refer to the Terms and Conditions which you have attached to the campaign. We recommend they are detailed and cover all scenarios possible. As the user accepts the T&C, he is in no position to dispute - which is why it is important to communicate the offer efficiently.

+ Can I delete reviews?

Our reviews, unlike other platforms, require the guest to have visited and tried your products or services. For that reason, we are very confident your reviews transparency will be noticed within the Kalamansee community. If any review is offensive or inappropriate, once reported, we proceed with the deletion of both comment and user who generated it as it violates our Terms and Conditions

+ Can I import an existing customer base into Kalamansee?

Yes, we provide you with the possibility to reach out to all your existing customers to have them onboard your loyalty program. It can be setup for you, on your own terms.

+ Is Kalamansee a discount platform?

Kalamansee is not a discount platform. Kalamansee operates as a platform to incentivize word of mouth and allows you full control on your Marketing promotions and campaigns. The offers and Terms and Conditions are determined by you. No restrictions or specific requirements are in place - allowing you full freedom to explore different campaigns and get full insight into their performance.